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stories wraps parlours french


It's time to CELL-ebrate
our new individual cell purchase program

As of June 1, 2013, all 30 cells from the “wraps” series are available for individual purchase and each of them will fit any other scope (with the exception of the “collector series”) in the catalogue. Yes, that’s right - choose any scope - or any combination of the 64 available scopes from the “wraps”, “stories”, “parlours", or “french connections”.  There are endless possibilities.  Simply snap the black ring off the cage, change your cell, and snap it back on again. 

CELL-ebrate indeed!  Individual 2 3/4” cells - $70.00

For more information/details, please e-mail us at info@judithpaul.com




star of wonder diamond dichro abstract rainbow love
angel music monet bridge crescent moon santa
1000 Flowers dichroic bracelet white angel halloween
grapevine joy snowing string of pearls
lit from within      

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kaleido rose autumn leaves clouds sunset
hummingbird stars & stripes fruit salad pumpkin
wine grapes blue christmas menorah crayons
pink rose butterfly seashells bougainvillea
mandalas tropical snowflake peacock
swan dogwood blossoms gingerbread dragonfly
panda sunflower lavender flower yellow rose
frog kittens    

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wine tasting 101 seahorsing around coral reef rainbow wave
blue wave woodshop white wave urchin

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french connections
pink poodle provence french art rose window of notre dame
french perfume paris cafe sunflowers french wines
romance sunset french pastries  

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collector editions
dichromosaic crystal vine starfish collector monet paintings
shell collector dichroic ice globe    

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