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french art  

Powder coated in a deep rich bronze, this kaleidoscope atop an Eiffel Tower celebrates the arts in Paris. Perfect height and weight to lift. 2-mirror,4 point mirror system that will make you think of paintings; first surface mirror. Eye piece fitted with 3-diopter glass lens. Liquid filled cell has paintings, palette, Eiffel Towers, and the Mona Lisa looking back at you. Which way to the Louvre?

Perfect on a desk, coffee or dining table, or in a gallery - everyone will pick it up and delight in it.

Size approximate: 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" square base, 15" in height, 7" kaleidoscope. Shipping in continental US included; others contact artist.

Designed and made by award winning scope artist Judith Paul, known for her themed kaleidoscopes - a collector quality art form.

View the "French Connection" collection and enjoy an amazing variety of aspects, colors, and themes of Paris.

Price: $290.00 (to purchase this or any other scope, click here to visit our "shopping" page)

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