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french pastries  

Powder coated in a fine textured soft silver, this kaleidoscope atop an Eiffel Tower tastes the French Pastries of Paris. Perfect height and weight to lift. 2-mirror, 5 point mirror system; first surface mirror. Eye piece fitted with 3-diopter glass lens. Liquid filled cell has cakes, pies, tarts, ice creams, coffees and fruits in delightful and appealing pastel tones. Sit at the cafe and enjoy the passing parade that is Paris.

Perfect on a desk, coffee or dining table, or kitchen - everyone will pick it up and delight in it.

Size approximate: 5 1/2 x 5 1/2" square base, 15" in height, 7" kaleidoscope. Shipping in continental US included; others contact artist.

Designed and made by award winning scope artist Judith Paul, known for her themed kaleidoscopes - a collector quality art form.

View the "French Connection" collection and enjoy an amazing variety of other aspects, colors, and themes of Paris.

Price: $290.00 (to purchase this or any other scope, click here to visit our "shopping" page)

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