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New for 2014, “JOY” is the latest design from Judith Paul in her holiday series. A wonderfully sculpted “joy” and lively holly leaves, cut from deep sparkling green dichroic glass, adorn the white powder coated aluminum kaleidoscope body. It rests on a double channel rich cherry wood stand that holds the second and third of the interchangeable liquid filled cells.

The mirror system (by Tom Durden, of course) is a dramatic 2 mirror square and the mandalas are very geometric, bright, and intriguing. A 3 diopter glass magnifying lens makes them appear even bigger than they are and the scope body is sealed against dust intrusion at each end.

Cell 1 is side lit and full of happy holiday and rainbow colors. It features a glass candy cane and a colorful enamel watch face that is counting the hours of fun ahead. Cell 2 is about the coolness of the season and has snow flakes and a dark eyed seal pup, all in white and blue, green and silver. Cell 3 is a transparent backlit delight with red and green patterns and swirls in abundance. All the cell have crystals, lampworking, wire working, and myriads of glass beads. Thousands and thousands of happy mandalas!

Scope is 8.75” x 2.75”. Stand is 11.75” x 6”.

Designed and made by award winning scope artist Judith Paul, known for her themed kaleidoscopes - a collector quality art form.

Domestic shipping included. Others please contact artist.

Price $390.00 (to purchase this or any other scope, click here to visit our "shopping" page)

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