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shell collector  

All the shells, all the beaches, all the fun - captured in this dramatic and elegant parlor scope. The graceful glass jar that forms the base holds a variety of shells and starfish and that bounty is repeated as ornamentation on the metal tube that forms the scope (see detail). The wood base and cap of the jar are lacquered in black to match the powder coated metal parts of the scope. Liquid filled double cell features 2 different color schemes- all created by the shells. The first side is warm with yellows and peaches and golds and features a wonderful seahorse sculpture. That flips over to a cool lavender based side with mauves, turquoises and abalone shell tones. All the shells are their natural colors. First surface mirror. Two-mirror, 4-point square system. Eye piece fitted with a 3-diopter glass lens. Size approx.: 16" high with a 5" square base and a kaleidoscope that measures 9" x 3".

Shipping in continental US included; others contact artist.

Designed and made by award winning scope artist Judith Paul, known for her themed kaleidoscopes - a collector quality art form.

Price: $590.00 (to purchase this or any other scope, click here to visit our "shopping" page)

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